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We now have more complete information about the observations for participants in Astronomy On-Line.

The following list shows which proposals have been carried out at the participating observatories. The data files can be retrieved from the local URL's:

Unfortunately, some programmes have not been carried out. As is to be expected in Europe in November, the weather was not very collaborative in some places. In other cases spectroscopic observations were requested for which we regret no instrument was available. A number of proposals were received towards the end of the observing period and although still accepted, most of these could not be carried out as the required telescope was no longer available.

The following list gives an overview of the observations, where they were made and where the files are available:

     no.           Title and Abstract            Status

      1          Stellar ring in Taurus          Tenerife/Teide
                                                 ESO/La Silla

      2            NGC 2192 in Auriga            Tenerife/Teide
                                                  (wrong position?)

      3        Doppler Effect due to the         
                     Earth's Motion

      4       M57, The Ring Nebula in Lyra    

      5      Search for a black hole in M84     

      6         Example: solar activity        

      7        Lunar relief and transient        Slovenia (Crni Vrh)

      8        Binary Star System 66 Cet         ESO/La Silla

      9          Distance to asteroids           ESO/La Silla

     10      Rediscovery of Comet D/1978 C2      Denmark (Brorfelde)

     11           Mare Serenitatis and           Slovenia (Crni Vrh)

     12        H-alpha star-hunt at Rigel        ESO/La Silla

     13      B and V photometry in NGC 362       ESO/La Silla

     14          Planetary nebula M 97           Tenerife/Teide

     15          Atmospheric absorption          ESO/La Silla
                (extinction, reddening)

     16        Comets Hale-Bopp and Tabur        Slovenia (Crni Vrh)

                 Saturn - a new student
     17       friendly method determining        ESO/La Silla
                      the distance                

     18        NGC 891 - which way is it         
                       rotating ?                 

     19        NGC 7331 Group of Galaxies        France/OHP

     20          Observations of bright           
                     variable stars

     21       Investigation of the Comet         Slovenia (Crni Vrh)
                 Hale-Bopp  1995 01.

     22          Super-supergiant Cyg OB2 no. 12    

     23               Supernova in NGC 673       ESO/La Silla

     24              Capella (Alpha Aurigae)        

     25        The Jewel Box cluster in Crux,    ESO/La Silla
                       NGC 4755                                

     26                  Comet Hale-Bopp         Slovenia (Crni Vrh)

     27          Cataclysmic variable TT Arietis ESO/La Silla

     28               Trapezium stars in the     ESO/La Silla
                          Orion Nebula           Portugal/COAA

     29              Galaxies in Ursa Major      Denmark (Brorfelde)

              Determination of the distance and the
     30         age of a open star cluster using       ESO/La Silla
              photometric measurements in different    Denmark (Brorfelde)

     31                      Quasars                  

     32                The nebula in Orion            

     33               Virgo cluster center           

     34         Starburst in Interacting Galaxies   

     35        Drawing Moon orbit using periodical  

     36                  The Crab Nebula         Germany (Wendelstein)
                                                 Denmark (Brorfelde)

     37      Search for an optical counterpart of a  
                     recent gamma ray burst

     38                Extragalactic Jets            

     39                Jupiter atmosphere            

If you have questions or problems, please contact me at azijlstr@eso.org.

We shall appreciate receiving brief reports from the groups about the outcome of their programmes in due time. Please send them to me or to Richard West at rwest@eso.org.

Albert Zijlstra
Coordinator, ESO

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