Edition 17 of the Astronomy On-line Newspaper

Reports from National Committees

The International Steering Committee is now preparing a full report to the European Commission about Astronomy On-Line. This is obviously only possible on the basis of detailed information about the related experience in the individual countries that participated in this Programme.

When ready, a copy of this report will be placed at the Astronomy On-Line Websites, where it may be studied by all interested parties.

This report must be delivered at the latest by the middle of February 1997 and although national reports have now been received from most National Steering Committees, some are still missing.

The International Steering Committee, therefore, urges those National Steering Committees who have not yet delivered their reports to do so without delay. Otherwise it will, unfortunately, not be possible to prepare a complete and comprehensive description of the project and its results. This may in turn weaken the chances of obtaining the necessary support from the EU and other sources for the successful continuation of Astronomy On-Line in the future.

Please send the missing reports without delay to one or both of these email addresses: fernand.wagner@ci.educ.lu or rwest@eso.org. Thank you!

Richard West
ESO Education and Public Relations Dept.

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