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More Useful Links

Here are some more links that may be useful for Astronomy On-Line participants:

Educational Links

This site has the following features: a) 7000+ educational links from all over the world; b) 41 categories: sorted from ACCOUNTING to VETERINARY; c) Regularly maintained and updated (Jack Inglis-Arkell).

ESO Press Releases

ESO has set up a new facility, the mailing list ESO-NEWS, by means of which interested parties may automatically receive ESO Press Releases via email.

Saturn project

We have put a preliminary project report out on our server (Troels Christensen and Mogens Winther, Soenderborg, Denmark).

History of Astronomy

I have realised a Site about the History of Astronomy during a national Web Publishing Contest. If you consider the information published on my Site as useful for people consulting the AOL Web, I would be glad if you could add a link to it on the AOL pages. (Jean-Paul Wagner, Luxembourg).

WSNA Association

I have inscribed my Association, WSNA, with Astronomy On-Line. The above URL contains information about it. (Luca Mauri, Italy).


We have received a letter about an interesting facility.

I read of your organization in the February Sky and Telescope. I'm very glad to hear that EAAE has been formed to improve astronomy education in Europe. I wish you every success in your effort.

Like yourselves, I am also concerned with the prevalence of common misconceptions regarding astronomy. To address these concerns, I have developed a comic strip entitled Starman which is intended to promote interest in the sky, particularly among young people. Starman currently appears in 130 astronomy clubs and planetariums, mostly in the United States and Canada.

Perhaps the members of your organization would also be interested in using Starman as an internet resource? I'd be thrilled if you would provide a link to my site. If any teachers would like a free subscription to the strip, electronic print-worthy copies of the strip can be downloaded from my web site. Please ask any interested parties to send me an email with the name of their organization requesting the confidential URL of the Starman Download Page. I apologize that I can only offer the strip in English, and hope that it can still be used by your members in some fashion.

My work has appeared recently in the Fall '96 Universe in the Classroom by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Also, in '97 I will be working with ASP to bring out a 32 page astronomy cartoon booklet entitled Cycles which will address misconceptions about such fundamentals as the phases of the moon and the causes of the changing seasons. It is my hope that this booklet will be used by teachers, planetarium directors and others who seek to improve astronomy awareness among our young people and others who are interested in astronomy. This booklet is currently in preparation and will be available through ASP's Spring '97 catalog.

Once again, I wish you well in your endeavor to promote astronomy to the young people of Europe. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

Jay Ryan
Astronomical Cartoonist

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