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The Astronomy On-Line Newspaper will bring the latest news about this Programme and will be the place where reports from the Participating groups will be published.

It is expected that one issue per week will be published during October, and that the frequency will increase as the Programme enters the next phases.

Astronomy On-Line Newspaper Issues

Newspaper 18 will contain information about the results of the observations during the total lunar eclipse on September 16, 1997.
Newspaper 17 (24 January 1997). Future of Astronomy On-Line; Reports from National Committees; Evaluation - the Questionnaire; Observational Data; Collaborative Projects; Comet Hale-Bopp is Coming!; More Links; Registrations; The EAAE Summer School
Newspaper 16 (27 November 1996). After the Hot Week; Observations; From a Brief Report to Brussels; Answers to some Questions; "Ears towards the Stars".
Newspaper 15 (22 November 1996). What happens today? A Message from the President of EAAE; About the Continuation of Astronomy On-Line; Goodbye from ESO; Reports about the Observations; Copies of Mass Emails; Final Event: Results; Best Astronomy On-Line Group Homepage; First Results from the Light Pollution Project; Report about the Leonids - How Did They Perform? Reports from Groups; Get your own personalized Certificate! Impressions.
Newspaper 14 (21 November 1996). Entering the 3rd Phase!; Letter from La Silla. Was Bishop Nicolas Lost in the Desert? Reports about the Observations; Astronomy On-Line Evaluation Begins; The Astronomy On-Line Certificate; Books, Books and Books; Earthquakes! Communication and Collaboration in real-time with Ewgie; Communicating with Astronomy On-line Participants using HyperNews; More Images from the Dutch Telescope at La Silla (November 20 - 21);Hale Bopp Observation Report from Worth Hill Observatory, Dorset, U.K.
Newspaper 13 (20 November 1996). Report about Observations; Projects and Deadlines; New Astronomy On-Line Web record; More Interesting Links; More Solar Eclipse results; Incorrect E-mail addresses; Images from the Dutch Telescope at La Silla (November 19 - 20); Two more `Try Your Skills' Available.
Newspaper 12 (19 November 1996). Light Pollution Collaborative project; Observing Schedule; Distance to the Sun; Leonid Meteors; Some Interesting Links; Observations of Occultations; Provisional Web Statistics; Incorrect E-mail addresses.
Newspaper 11 (18 November 1996). The Hot Weeks Opens; Counting the Participants; First Mass E-mailing; Live Images of the Aurora)
Newspaper 10 (17 November 1996). Registrations Have Closed; Preliminary Report About the Eratosthenes Project; Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias joins Astronomy On-Line; The First (Experimental) International Astronomy Olympiad; The Astronomy On-Line Evaluation Project; Information about Comets; Observations in Bulgaria; The Leonids - A Short Update; Greetings from Ireland.
Newspaper 09 (14 November 1996). Latest News About Registrations; Astronomy On-Line and Laboratoire d'Astronomie Spatiale; The Bradford Robotic Telescope; Measuring the Distance to the Sun: Collaborative Groups - Where Are They?; Telescope available for Astronomy On-Line; Magnetic Effects of the Solar Activity on the Atmosphere; Letter from Bremen: Project Proposals; More Links; Search for the Best Group Webpage; Report from Wendelstein.
Newspaper 08 (13 November 1996). Astronomy On-Line Newspaper to Appear more Frequently; Observations Soon to Begin; More 'Try Your Skills' Available; Questions and Quizzes.
Newspaper 07 (12 November 1996). Astronomy On-line Programme Enters "Hot Week"; The Flare Star Project; Registrations Close; Astronomy On-Line in Bulgaria; Some Interesting Links; A Letter from Georgia.
Newspaper 06 (5 November 1996). A Message for all National Steering Committees; Meeting of the International Steering Committee on November 2; Greek Media Focus on Astronomy On-Line; A New Type of Light Pollution: Searchlights; Join the `Erathostenes' Observations!; Astronomy On-Line and Amateur Astronomers; Treasure-Hunt Wizards; Information about New Activities.
Newspaper 05 (29 October 1996). Some Thoughts about Astronomy On-Line; International Steering Committee Meets on November 2; Observations to Begin; Summer Time is Over in Europe; First Groups Find the Treasure!; Danish Schools Connected; Project Preview: Measuring the Sun's Parallax.
Newspaper 04 (22 October 1996). New developments; More results fromthe Solar Eclipse; Solar Radio Images from Siberia; Positional Data requested.
Newspaper 03 (15 October 1996). Participation in Astronomy On-Line on the rise; Provisional report from the beautiful Solar Eclipse!; Are you ready to test your skills?; Two more observatories join Astronomy On-Line; Are you interested in Quasars?; Web Browsers: The Next Generation; Links to Solar Eclipse images and videos.
Newspaper 02 (8 October 1996). Sponsors; Communication among the groups; News about registrations; First results from the Lunar Eclipse; Observe the Solar Eclipse on October 12!; A very special project for the Solar Eclipse; New Collaborative Project about the Sun-Earth Relationship; More telescopes join Astronomy On-Line.
Newspaper 01 (1 October 1996). Welcome by the EAAE President; Message from ESO; Latest news about Lunar Eclipse Observations; Status of Astronomy On-Line Shops; The Use of Astronomy On-Line Mirror Sites; Registration Problems on September 27 and 28; Editorial Information.

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