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Telescopes and Instruments

In order to prepare an observing proposal, you must know about the technical capabilities of the professional telescopes and instruments that are available for you. From here, you will be able to access Telescope and Instrument Manuals which contain all the information you need to judge whether a particular telescope will be suitable for your programme and able to perform the observation you want.

The participating observatories are preparing special Web-pages for this purpose. You enter them by clicking on the names of the observatories in the table below. Some of these are not yet active, but the links will be established as the corresponding Webpages become available.

On these pages, you will also find links to other very interesting Homepages of these observatories. There you will learn much more about their research projects and the astronomers and engineers who work at them.


Links to the Telescope Sites

Wendelstein (Germany) Brorfelde (Denmark)
Obs. de Haute Provence (France) IAC (Tenerife, Spain)
Crni Vrh (Slovenia) Bradford (UK)
La Silla (Chile) Athens (Greece)
Belogradchik (Bulgaria) C.O.A.A. (Portugal)

The telescopes will be available to Astronomy On-Line participants during specific nights, as indicated below. (Note that for some of the telescopes, the decision has not yet been made, but is expected soon. More information may be obtained by clicking on some of the observatory names in this table.

Availability of Individual Telescopes

Wendelstein (Germany) November 14 - 22 (some nights)
Brorfelde (Denmark) November 18 - 22 (some nights)
Obs. de Haute Provence (France) November 19 - 20 (2 nights)
IAC (Tenerife, Spain) November 18 - 19 (2 nights)
Crni Vrh (Slovenia) November 18 - 22 (5 nights)
Bradford (UK) November 19, 20, 21
La Silla (Chile) November 19 - 20 (2 nights)
Athens (Greece) TBD
Belogradchik (Bulgaria) November 18 - 22 (5 nights)
C.O.A.A. (Portugal) After November 6 (some nights)

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