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How to Publish Your Results

It would be good if those groups who have proposed observations and received observation data back from the participating telescopes would also make a short report about their programmes in the Astronomy On-Line Newspaper on the WWW, so that all other participants can learn about them.

It is of course clear that it would not be possible to write extensively about observations which are made just 1 or 2 days earlier and for this reason, we do not expect you to deliver more than a few words about a quick-look inspection of these data.

This will include a short paragraph about the type of observations you have requested and the reason for this.

Then you should inform where these observations were made and which frames were obtained. Next follows your impression of these data. Are they as you had expected? Do you see the objects which you wanted to observe? Do they look the way you expected? Have you already been able to perform a simple measurement, for instance of magnitudes and positions?

Finally, you may write briefly about what you intend to do with the data, for instance which type of measurements you will do and what you expect to use them for.

We ask you kindly at a later time to submit a more complete report about this material, and we shall write to you in due time about this.

Please submit your reports to the following email address:

and they will then be inserted into the Newspaper, provided they arrive before 20:00 UT on Friday, November 22.

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