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Observing Schedule

The observers will try to keep you informed about the progress of the observations via the Observing Schedule for their telescope.

In some cases, you may access the individual schedules and/or the observational data of the participating telescopes by clicking on the names of the observatories in the table below.

Here follows the latest list of observations for the night between November 21 and 22. As you can see, it is much shorter than the nights before - many of the programmes have already been carried successfully through.

Suggested Observing Schedules at the Telescopes (November 21 - 22)

Wendelstein (Germany)P5 P36 P37 P38 P39
Brorfelde (Denmark)P10 P29 P37
Obs. de Haute Provence (France)P4 P31 P34 P39
IAC (Tenerife, Spain)Not available
Crni Vrh (Slovenia)P33
Bradford (UK)?
La Silla (Chile)Not available
Athens (Greece)
Belogradchik (Bulgaria)?
C.O.A.A. (Portugal)P9 P10 P11 P28

Notes (November 21 - 22)

Here is the status of the individual projects, as of November 21, 17:00 UT.