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Submission of Your Observing Programme

This is the page from where you will be able to submit the proposal for your observing programme.

Once you have prepared all the relevant information to be included - be sure to read the General instructions - you will have to fill out a standard form with the required information about your proposed observing programme.

In order to help you with this, you will find here a Form with guidelines. Have a look and prepare your own form in the same format - not necessarily in HTML as this one, but just as plain ASCII text.

Depending on the type of observations you propose, you may indicate your preference for the telescope to be used. However, it will not be possible to guarantee that this telescope will indeed be allocated for your programme. If one telescope is oversubscribed, or if it appears that your programme is better carried out with another, the Astronomy On-Line Observing Programmes Committee may decide to shift it to another telescope.

When you are ready, you send the form with your Observing Proposal to the Astronomy On-Line Observing Programmes Committee by email.

To make sure that your Observing Programme is indeed feasible, it will be checked by this Committee of professional astronomers and teachers. If there are any problems, they will contact you and try to help you to overcome them.

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