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In this Astronomy On-Line shop you will find a variety of general astronomical software which you may use for astronomical calculations.

Unless specifically stated, whatever software packages are available here is not subject to restrictions and it may therefore be taken over for future use at schools and astronomy clubs.

If you or your Group have well-tested software which is for free use, you may make it available from here to other interested Groups.

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This area contains software which is needed to solve some of the problems that are available on the Astronomy On-Line pages. You will find here instructions about how to use the software, but you should also take a look at the problem itself.

Some of the related exercises will be found in the Try your skills area and other are related to some of the Collaborative Projects, etc.

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Here you will find special astronomical software which is not necessarily directly related to the problems on the Astronomy On-Line pages.

One example is the ESO MIDAS package, which is used by professional astronomers. Others will follow.

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Astronomical software is available which is more for fun than for the solution of (complicated) astronomical problems!

Not open yet.

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Other useful software, not necessarily exclusively connected with astronomy. Have a look at Georg Zotti's software!

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