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On this page you will find other useful software that is not necessarily exclusively connected with astronomy.

You will find here instructions about how to use the software, but you should also take a look at the problem itself.

Georg Zotti's Collection

On my URL(, I offer one of the most complete astronomical software packages available for the Hewlett-Packard HP-48SX and HP-48GX pocket calculators - Urania/48. It is mainly an ephemeris calculator, so the owner and regular user of the calculator (who carries it along everywhere) always has the desired object's position always at hand without having to look into a printed almanac which might not be available at all times. Includes planets, comets, asteroids, ~400 selected stars, Messier and - as add-on - the full NGC catalogue. Detailed description can be found at the URL below. Although it is shareware and not free, a free demo version which runs until Feb.1997 is available, ready for download at the above URL.

Georg ZOTTI - Email:

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