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Special Software

Here you will find special astronomical software which is not necessarily directly related to the problems on the Astronomy On-Line pages.

The various software will be listed under individual headings, together with a short description.

ESO Munich Image Data Analysis System (ESO MIDAS)

Participating Groups may receive on request and free-of-charge, as long the stock lasts, a CD-ROM with the complete ESO Munich Image Data Analysis System (ESO MIDAS).

This system is has been developed at ESO and is used by professional astronomers for the computer treatment of their observational data. Normally, it is installed on workstations with a large capacity, but it also runs on a (powerful) PC (486 or higher) under the Linux system.

You may wish to consult the MIDAS Webpage for more information about this system and the computer requirements before ordering it by sending an email to E. Voelk at ESO. Remember to state your Group designation, as well as the name of the recipient and the full postal address!

Figure of the Planets

A special service for Astronomy On-Line Participants has been set up by the Bureau des Longitudes (BdL) in Paris, one of the most venerated institutions in astronomy. It was created in 1795 and ensures the availability of astronomical ephemerides, etc.

By clicking on the title above, you will able to get a view of the figure (aspect) of the giant planets Jupiter and Saturn at any given moment. See an example here. Note also that there are many other possibilities to obtain interesting information from the BdL Homepage!

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