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Bulletin No. 04 (August 27, 1996)

The Astronomy On-Line Bulletins describe recent developments around this project. For the time being, they will be issued at irregular intervals.

Registration has begun

Registrations are now being received at an increasing rate, as the holiday season in some countries is coming to an end, the schools begin and the Astronomy On-Line programme becomes better known in astronomy-interested circles all over Europe.

The establishment of the Web-based lists of officially registered Participating Groups with information about their location and general interests has started. In order to promote early contacts between these Groups and to induce others to join as soon as possible, it has been decided to display the lists already now. The first of these can now be accessed via the General Information `shop' at the `Marketplace'.

These lists are sorted by country and individual Groups may be reached via the indicated E-mail-addresses and, where available, also by their Web-addresses (URL). The groups which have no individual Web-address yet will hopefully get this later; as soon as they are known, they will also be displayed here.

In order to register, you must use the standard Astronomy On-Line registration form. Please note that only Groups which register officially can join the Astronomy On-Line programme and enjoy all the benefits. In addition to the free access to all features of the Astronomy On-Line that will be successively displayed at the `Marketplace', these include the receipt of an official diploma at the end of the programme, which will be issued to all participants.

Before the corresponding National Astronomy On-Line Homepages are available, groups may register at the ESO Homepage with the International Steering Committee (ISC). Later, however, registrations should be made directly to the National Steering Committee (NSC) in the participants' home country via the National AOL Homepage. In countries where no NSC has (yet) been formed, groups may also register directly via the Astronomy On-Line Homepage at ESO.

Video News Reel for Broadcast Use Available

ESO has prepared a Video News Reel (VNR) about Astronomy On-Line. This VNR will be released by September 10, 1996, i.e. three weeks before the official kick-off date for Astronomy On-Line.

The VNR is available on request to ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. (Fax: +4989 3202362) in Beta SP and MII formats and contains a 3 min version (with music), a 30 sec version and some additional footage for individual use. There is an accompanying text. The tape is copyright ESO Education and Public Relations Dept. and may be used free of charge in connection with the Astronomy On-Line event.

In addition, the 3 min music version is available in VHS (PAL) for general promotional purposes by the National Steering Committees.

More National Astronomy On-Line Homepages soon available

Finland and Greece have now established National Astronomy On-line Homepages which may be easily reached via the Sites' Homepage. In addition, several National Steering Committees have announced that their Homepages will be ready within the next two weeks.

The solar eclipse on October 12, 1996

The related material for the Astronomy On-line activities which will take place around the partial solar eclipse on October 12, 1996, visible all over Europe, is now almost ready and will become available on the Web in early September in the Collaborative Projects' `shop'. Please remember that in order to participate, your group must have been officially registered before that date.

Meeting of the International Steering Committee

A meeting of the Astronomy On-line International Steering Committee (ISC) will take place in the week-end of September 14-15, 1996. The discussion will centre on the contents of the individual `shops' and the detailed schedule for the programme in October and November will be established.

The members of the ISC welcome all comments and ideas which may contribute to the aims of the Astronomy On-line programme. Please send any remarks, suggestions, etc. to one of the members of the ISC.

Full information about the outcome of this meeting will be communicated in an Astronomy On-line Bulletin a few days later.

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