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Bulletin No. 06 (September 21, 1996)

The Astronomy On-Line Bulletins describe recent developments around this project. For the time being, they will be issued at irregular intervals. Please note that at the time of the official opening of the Astronomy On-Line Programme, information will also become available in the Newspaper area.

Special WWW-page for Sponsors

The Astronomy On-Line organisers would like to establish a special page with information about all of the sponsors. In order to provide a full overview of the companies, organisations, etc. which contribute to this programme, all National Steering Committees (NSC's) have been asked to provide a list of sponsors in their area (with their Web-addresses, if available) so that proper credit can be made to this very important support.

However, not all sponsors, especially at the local level, may be known to the NSC's and all Astronomy On-Line Groups are therefore kindly requested to inform about their sponsor(s) by sending a brief email to Claus Madsen with copy to their National Steering Committee. Thank you in advance for responding to this request!

Media Coverage

The EAAE and ESO have been requested by the European Commission to provide information about the media coverage of the Astronomy On-Line Programme. We therefore request that all participants send photocopies of relevant newspaper articles, information about TV-coverage, etc. to their National Steering Committees, as they appear in the media. We thank you in advance!


The registrations are now accelerating; more than 15 were received during the past 24 hours. We will try to confirm your registration as quickly as possible, normally within 48 hours, but there may be some brief delays, if the rate were to increase very significantly.

Please note that the Astronomy On-Line Programme formally begins on October 1, 1996, but that registrations can also be made after this date, up to November 15, 1996. Nevertheless, we recommend that you register as early as possible, so that we can get an overview of the situation and the resources needed, well before the 'hot phase' on November 18-22, 1996.

It is noted that some registrering groups use their own language (and not English) when they describe their group (Group Description). However, in order to be understood by all, this information must necessarily be in English on the individual `Group Information' pages. While the organisers will do everything to provide a correct translation, this does mean an added effort and we therefore kindly ask all Groups to use English, as far as possible.

Astronomy On-Line Shops

The full text for one of the `Collaborative Projects', concerning the Lunar Eclipse on September 27, 1996 is now available. The latest version has been complemented with a full description of how to measure `Local Noon', so that the participants will now be able to measure their geographical longitude. However, since this masurement will have to take place in daytime, it is realised that not all groups may find the necessary time. In those cases, the organisers will provide the necessary data. Read more about all of this at the corresponding page!

More information about the next projects to be activated will be announced during the coming week.

National Astronomy On-Line Homepages

Several National Astronomy On-Line Homepages have been opened during the past days and others have been updated and improved. All participants are advised to visit these pages, since they contain a lot of interesting information (not only about the Astronomy On-Line Programme) and also many useful links to related sites.

More Homepages are expected to open during the coming days.

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