The Greek " pleiades " means " the daughters of Pleione ". According to the myth they were transformed into a group of celestial doves by the gods. The gods thus saved them from their pursuer, the giant Orion. In the night sky Orion is actually follows the Pleiades across the heavens. In this way the myth and the reality of the stars are in harmony. Later the seven doves received the task of carrying ambrosia to the infant Zeus.

Some researches considered at first that the name of this group of stars had been " peleia " from the Greek word for " The wild pigeon " or simply - " The pigeons ". Subsequently the aforesaid myth has been confirmed in the title "Pleiades" and in the individual names of the stars. The mythology explains why Merope is the weakest one. Merope (a daughter of Atlas) hid her face in shame at having married a mortal, the king of Corinth, while all her sisters had been wedded to gods.