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The Véga star


One often asks us the origin of the name Véga , if it indicates a star or a planet, for etc. Here some brief replies.

Véga is in fact a star - as our sun - i.e. a massive body in which occur uninterrupted thermonuclear reactions. These reactions create intense radiations on all kinds of frequencies of which the light: for this reason we can see stars.
But let us return in Véga; this one is a star white-yellow whose diameter is four times that of the sun and its luminosity 45 times more significant. Its distance is 25 light-years, it is thus among closest to the sun.

The name "Véga" comes from Arabic "the precipitating eagle", but civilization much older had included it in their cosmology, which is not very astonishing because of its proximity and its own luminosity : one of most brilliant
stars of our boreal sky. It is also the principal star of the constellation of the Quadrant, thus named by the Greeks.

"Véga" seems a name very appreciated of all, in particular of the clubs of astronomy (there is other Véga club, would be this only in France!) but also of the authors of science fiction. For example, the message of film "Contact" is sent since Véga. We do not think that there isparticular
reason for this attraction, the fact is that "Véga", like star name, sounds better than "Kornephirios"(Hercule) or" Zubenelgenubi "(Balance)!