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Fumetto 2:  WHERE IS STAR  VEGA?        



If I want to find Vega in the sky I must find first the constellation of the swan that is similar to a cross. The first star is Deneb, that is the brightest star of

the constellation. Under the left arm of this cross there is the star Vega belonging to Lyrae’s constellation. Under the right arm there is Altair of  eagle’s constellation. Deneb, Vega and Altair form  “the summer triangle.” The swan’s constellation can be seen through out the year except in spring because it is hidden by the horizon.

14000 years ago, Vega had  the privilege of being the Polar star and it will happen again in 12000 years. It is certainly the most brightest star in that area of the sky. It was that period in which        men lived in caves and used animal skins to cover themselves.

The Lyrae’s Constellation

This ancient constellation represents a “harp”, a musical instrument invented by Mercury which, was built  from a tortoise’s shell and   given to his brother Apollo.

Lyrae’s Constellation contains the fifth   star in order of luminosity, called Vega,   which at our latitude with Sirius and Arturo, is one of  the most luminous stars.

If it seems to be less brilliant than Sirius, it is caused by its major distance: 27 light years  compared to   the 8,6 of Sirius, but Vega’s luminosity is 58 times that of the sun  .

While that of Sirio is 2O times more luminous.    

In the prehistorically ages and for a long period Vega was used as the north’s point of reference  even when the earth’s axis is in an area empty of stars, this would explain because the egyptians used the star Vega to orient their temples.      

During this summer whilst observing the sky with my friends, I was able to note the “ summer triangle”. It is called triangle because the most important stars of their respective constellations  form  a triangle. This particulary event is visible in july and august at about ten p.m.

The stars which compose  this triangle are: Vega of the Lyrae’s constellation, Altair of the eagle and Deneb of the swan.

Observing the sky direction south, I can see three particulary stars: Deneb, belonging to Swan; Vega the constellation of  Lyrae and Altair belonging to eagle. The stars are ordered like a triangle, which is called “summer triangle”. The most luminous  star is Vega ;it is about 26 light years distant from the earth   It  is even more luminous than the sun, infact suns light’s    employs 8 minutes to reach the earth whereas Vega’s light employs 26 years.


Vega star, in Babylon was called “the light’s messenger”. For the Assyrian population it was a celestial judge because of it brightness and because it passed high in the sky. In  China and in Japan, the milky way or the celestial river separated the maid and Altair who were lovers. In the seventh night of the seventh moon a  flock magpies joinded the lovers forming a living bridge that  crossed the river.

Castel del Monte ( Bari)

The star Vega is visible in the sky at the contre of the courtyard of the Castle at midnight of summer Solstice

The  Rosa Camuna, symbol of the  region Lombardia is an astronomical instrument which has been confirmed by archaeology and by astronomy. It is a  type of compass which allows, due to particular alignment, to establish the seasons’ cycles of the moon and other heavenly bodies. Among which star Vega venerated  by the Celtics.  

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