Names of some stars
Etamin Gamma
Rastaban / Alwaid Beta
Alsafi Ni
Adiban Xi
Nodus secundus Delta
- Épsilon
Alsafi Tau
- Ji
Aldhibah Zeta
Adiban Eta
- Theta
Ed Asich Iota
Thuba n / Abid Alpha
Cat's eye Nebula planetaria
- Kappa
Gianfar Lambda


Description of the constellation

It is a big, weak and nearly semi-circular constellation whose body goes around the Polar Star. It can be seen rather easily during warm months. It mixes between the Great Bear, the Herdsman, Hercules, the Harp, the Swan and Cepheus. Thuban is the brightest star in this constellation.

Quadrantids : it is one of the most strongest meteor showers. The maximal activity takes place about January 3 rd and lasts a few hours.

Draconids : this meteor shower is made of particles coming from the periodic comet Giacobini-Zinner: in 1933 and 1946 a meteor shower took place after the comet had crossed the orbit of the Earth, which was rather a meteor storm.

NGC 6543 : this planetary nebula (8.8 magnitude) is placed half way between the stars Delta and Zeta. It is green blue, but one needs a high power device to be able to make out its internal structure: an irregular and shining disc.


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