And the winners are...

ESO and EAAE are very pleased to announce the winners of the Catch a Star 2008 contest. We would like to congratulate everyone who took part in the competition. The standard of the entries was extremely impressive, which made it difficult for the jury to choose the winners! We enjoyed reading the projects and looking at the artworks, and the hard work that went into the entries was evident. Even if you did not receive a prize this year, we hope you had fun taking part, and learnt some exciting things about our Universe! Look out for the next "Catch a Star!" competition...

We also wish very much to thank Garry Harwood, the astronomical artist who very kindly volunteered his time to select the winners of special prizes in the Artists competition, and of course the members of the public who voted for their favourite Artists entries.

The winners listed below are subject to confirmation of eligibility (according to the rules given in "How to enter" and in the "Terms and Conditions"). We will be contacting winners shortly to confirm details, but if you have any questions please email us at .


Visit to the ESO Very Large Telescope on Paranal (Chile).

  • CAS2008-560: Live And Let Die - the story of aged binary stars...
    Roeland Heerema, Gerben Van Ranst, Liesbeth Schenkels with Ann Verstraelen (Belgium)
  • Visit to the Hispano-German Astronomical Observatory of Calar Alto in Almeria (Spain).

  • CAS2008-1225: Galaxy Zoo and I
    Marta Kotarba with Grzegorz Sęk (Poland)
  • Visit to Königsleiten Observatory (Austria).

  • CAS2008-1593: Hunting for Star Clusters in O stars surroundings
    Andreia Nascimento with Leonor Cabral (Portugal)
  • Pack containing "Starry Night Pro V6" DVD-ROM astronomy software, "Catch a Star" T-shirts, and attractive astronomy posters

  • CAS2008-525: Sagittarius A* - The Behemoth of our Galaxy
    Peter Andreas Bahnsen, Benedict Lehnhoff, Jakob Thormod with Henrik I. Andreasen (Denmark)
  • CAS2008-634: Interacting Galaxies
    Anna Rieth, Dániel Veréb with Ákos Kereszturi (Hungary)
  • CAS2008-832: Globular Cluster M15
    Alexander Kurtenkov, Pavel Sofroniev with Nikola Karavasilev (Bulgaria)
  • CAS2008-849: The Mystery Of The Orion Nebula
    Aleksandra Sokołowska (Poland)
  • CAS2008-1146: Extrasolar Planets & Asteroseismology
    Kristian Flansmose Trelborg, Nikolaj Lykke Viborg with Peter Marcus Hansen (Denmark)
  • CAS2008-1151: The acceleration of the expansion of the Universe
    Mathilde Ruggiu, Laura Magana, Aglaé Jézéquel with Michel Faye (France)
  • CAS2008-1368: BUT, WHAT IS PLUTO?
  • CAS2008-1369: Unveiling the mist - Gliese 581
    Maria-Diana Buzdea, Adnana-Oana Cucu, George-Cristian Potrivitu with Mihaela-Liliana Beca (Romania)
  • CAS2008-1420: Comet 17P/Holmes
    Hristina Kanalieva, Ioana Dimitrova with Yoanna Kokotanekova (Bulgaria)
  • CAS2008-1474: A travel to Gliese 581
    Anna Milenkova, Diana Sofronieva, Dobryana Koleva with Veselka Radeva (Bulgaria)
  • Artists

    These prizes were awarded by astronomical artist Garry Harwood, who is a Fellow and life member of the International Association of Astronomy Artists. Mr Harwood says:

    "Art has always been a reflection of our culture and civility and the 2008 Catch a Star art competition is a great opportunity for us to reflect on the many talented young artists within our own communities. It was a real pleasure to discover such a varied and impressive collection of art from so many young people representing almost every corner of the globe. I was extremely impressed with the quality of art on display which made judging all the competition entries a difficult but thoroughly enjoyable task. For all of you who took part in the 2008 Catch a Star art competition I hope you will continue to find beauty and inspiration in the world around you and will seek to express this in your art. This will be a joy for life not only for you, the artist, but for all those around you. My warmest congratulation to you all."
    In fact, the standard of entries was so high that Mr Harwood also awarded, in addition to the special overall prize, an additional prize in each age group of a set of astronomical posters.

    Special prize awarded by astronomical artist Garry Harwood

    "Starry Night Pro V6" astronomy software DVD-ROM and a copy of the book "Space Art: How to Draw and Paint Planets, Moons, and Landscapes of Alien Worlds" by Michael Carroll

    CAS2008-1156: A star
    Anna (Poland)

    Additional prizes awarded by astronomical artist Garry Harwood

    A set of attractive ESO astronomy posters

    CAS2008-1067: Nebulae
    Ashley (Ireland)
    CAS2008-1106: Galileo
    Paola (Spain)
    CAS2008-1174: Black Hole
    Ewa (Poland)
    CAS2008-1412: Mystery of stars
    Jana (Slovakia)
    CAS2008-1512: Spotted Sun
    Florian Daniel (Romania)


    Note: all non-winning entries from Catch a Star Researchers were automatically entered into the Catch a Star Adventurers lottery.

    "Starry Night Pro V6" astronomy software DVD-ROM

  • CAS2008-526: SN 2006gy
    Janet Yde Nissen, Nadia Dahl Svendsen, Mette Nymann Pedersen with Henrik Iversen Andreasen (Denmark)
  • CAS2008-605: Jupiter
    Anca Costea, Bianca Murariu with Lidia Liliana Minza (Romania)
  • CAS2008-624: Faroles toward the Earth: Púlsares.
  • CAS2008-753: The Eskimo Nebula
    The Blundell's Astronomy Club with Jeremy Thomas (United Kingdom)
  • CAS2008-935: Star formation
    Svetlana Njaradi, Miloš Krivokuća, Robert Džudžar (Serbia)
  • CAS2008-1080: Moon's Theatre
    Juán Ángel de Paz Sánchez, Efraín Morales Díaz, Omar Luis Alonso with Celina Morán (Spain)
  • CAS2008-1171: Research of gamma ray bursts
    Stan Aelterman, Freya Van Alboom with Rinne De Bont (Belgium)
  • CAS2008-1349: Solar Prominences
    Rosita Kokotanekova, Tsvetan Tsvetkov with Yoanna Kokotanekova (Bulgaria)
  • CAS2008-1551: New Earth
    Tomáš Semko, Dávid Danočko with Jana Kučeravcová (Slovakia)
  • CAS2008-1599: Fate after Earth: Life in the Universe
    N. Nadeem Yusuff, Roshan Joshua (India)
  • ESO astronomy posters

  • CAS2008-588: Saturn
    Loredana Oprea, Ana Partene with Lidia Minza (Romania)
  • CAS2008-626: The phases of VENUS
  • CAS2008-755: Catch the Sunspot
    Haoran Kang, Jingyue Wei, Kaifeng Zhang (China)
  • CAS2008-1218: Active Sun
    Vesela Georgieva, Konstantin Georgiev with Nadya Kiskinova (Bulgaria)
  • CAS2008-1335: Our Home - The Milky Way Galaxy
    Harsh Kishor Bharucha with Alay Pankaj Jhaveri (India)
  • CAS2008-1391: Measuring the Sun...and the Universe!
    Javier Vaquero Martínez, Javier Pascual Vinagre with Javier Monserrat Sierra (Spain)
  • CAS2008-1457: Experimental research on solarspots
    Mihaela Nastase, Iuliana Boca, Ana Gavanescu with Florin Serbu (Romania)
  • CAS2008-1466: Black Holes
    Sindre Langhelle, Shayan Persad with Bjørn Erik Hjellset (Norway)
  • CAS2008-1587: The Gnomon
    Adelina Gabriela Capraru, Roxana Mihaela Curteanu, Nicusor Catalin Marin with Anamaria Corina Golumbeanu (Romania)
  • CAS2008-1624: Building a sundial
    Anouk Thill, Julie De Cillia, Jessica Gengler with Marc Zimer (Luxembourg)
  • "Catch a Star" T-shirts

  • CAS2008-665: Northern Lights
    Louise Greenwood, Kat Newell, Carly Strange with Lyndsay Hemphill (United Kingdom)
  • CAS2008-678: The Amazing BLACK HOLE
    Imrose Khilji, Liam Nelson with Derek Bowen (United Kingdom)
  • CAS2008-1030: Pluto
    Dušan Adamec with Gabriela Kapjorová (Slovakia)
    Viktoras Gomaras, Vaidotas Marcinkevicius with Aurelija Visockiene (Lithuania)
  • CAS2008-1219: Halley's Comet
    Ella Dreiher with Olga Shusterman (Israel)
  • CAS2008-1344: Mars – is there a possibility of life?
    Veronika Turiková, Veronika Čubáková, Veronika Bačovčinová with Rastislav Čief (Slovakia)
  • CAS2008-1367: Exclusion Limits on the Hydrogen Elastic Cross Section of Dark Matter
    Raphael Errani with Hans-Otto Carmesin (Germany)
  • CAS2008-1407: What about the white holes
    Arlinda Rezhdo with Valentina Mindoljevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
  • CAS2008-1509: Jupiter and his moons
    Berta Costa, Adrià Ramos, Marta Matas with Núria Puigsasllosas (Spain)
  • CAS2008-1565: Red Planet
    Sezen Saygı, Yağmur Aydoğdu with Canan İzgi Yıldız (Turkey)
  • Artists

    The following prizes were awarded with the help of a public web-based vote in the Catch a Star Artists gallery.

    ESO astronomy posters

    CAS2008-754: Across The Universe
    Guillermo José (Chile)
    CAS2008-816: Výskum mojej hviezdy-The research of my star
    Lukáš (Slovakia)
    CAS2008-830: Rings of Saturn
    Alexey (Russia)
    CAS2008-897: Space colony : The ANDROIDS
    Nadeem Ahmed (India)
    CAS2008-947: Saturn&Cassini–Huygens
    Dimitar (Bulgaria)
    CAS2008-1022: Traveling to Moon
    Stefan (Romania)
    CAS2008-1158: The Earth and a big asteroid crash
    Agnieszka (Poland)
    CAS2008-1230: Arte Cosmico
    Club (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1240: The Milky way
    Daniel Fernando (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1338: The Dream
    Maria (Poland)
    CAS2008-1549: Solar Eclipse
    Dawid (Poland)
    CAS2008-1597: Lunar eclipse
    Pawel (Poland)

    "Catch a Star" T-shirts

    CAS2008-541: The Universe is full of stars but only one is yours!"
    Laura (Romania)
    CAS2008-597: Kopernik
    Eftimii (Bulgaria)
    CAS2008-612: A look from somewhere else
    Asta (Lithuania)
    CAS2008-622: "Exploring the space"
    Alexandru (Romania)
    CAS2008-635: To catch a star, you have to remember that sometimes things aren't how we expect them to be!
    Madalina Teodora (Romania)
    CAS2008-636: Planeta albastra
    Mihai (Romania)
    CAS2008-638: The Sun
    Wojciech (Poland)
    CAS2008-667: Życie na Ziemi
    Weronika (Poland)
    CAS2008-674: my star
    sevval nur (Turkey)
    CAS2008-684: Planete
    Rares , Matei , Ana Maria (Romania)
    CAS2008-688: Planete si stele
    Diana , Sebi , Andreea (Romania)
    CAS2008-740: Telescopios
    Edgar Andrés , Felipe , Diego (Colombia)
    CAS2008-744: We want to catch a star
    Gabriel , Alin , Luminita (Romania)
    CAS2008-767: Comet
    Sabina (Poland)
    CAS2008-768: The car of imagination
    Teofil Nichita (Romania)
    CAS2008-769: Mars
    André (Portugal)
    CAS2008-788: Way to the far worlds
    Oleg (Russia)
    CAS2008-794: Galaxy
    CAS2008-843: The astronaut who wanted to see the space
    Olga (Spain)
    CAS2008-845: Space Olympics
    Romina (Spain)
    CAS2008-875: Galaxy
    Agata (Poland)
    CAS2008-1033: -
    Karolina (Lithuania)
    CAS2008-1084: SECRETS OF MY STAR
    Eduard (Slovakia)
    CAS2008-1101: Rainbow in Space
    Mischa (Spain)
    CAS2008-1104: Ring of Saturn
    Paula (Spain)
    CAS2008-1147: The Beauties of our Universe
    Brooke , Diandra (Malta)
    CAS2008-1148: lA NAU
    Aniol (Spain)
    CAS2008-1160: Spiral nebula
    Marta (Poland)
    CAS2008-1163: The Solar Wind
    Edyta (Poland)
    CAS2008-1164: The Solar System
    Patrycja (Poland)
    CAS2008-1169: The Universe
    Angelika (Poland)
    CAS2008-1172: A meteor in the Earth's atmosphere
    Martyna (Poland)
    CAS2008-1189: lock at the stars
    Catherine (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1233: 'Explosion'
    Ross (United Kingdom)
    CAS2008-1242: El universo es mi mar
    Emilio (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1246: sensacion unica
    juan luis (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1258: firestar
    Ricardo (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1264: viajando por el espacio
    marcela (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1268: the path of the star
    Sofía (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1269: Por mi computadora entro al universo
    Wandy (Colombia)
    CAS2008-1299: The female celestial rides the wind
    zhihua (China)
    CAS2008-1337: Shiny twins
    Amelia , Angelika (Poland)
    CAS2008-1345: planet of the heart
    ece miray (Turkey)
    CAS2008-1399: the earth
    Fenja (Germany)
    CAS2008-1409: my favourite planets
    Lea Franja (Germany)
    CAS2008-1452: The cool planet
    Timon (Germany)
    CAS2008-1454: Falkensaturn
    Melanie (Germany)
    CAS2008-1501: Falling star
    Cristina (Romania)
    CAS2008-1527: "I need a hand of energy!"
    Alexandru (Romania)
    CAS2008-1556: Space Walk
    Żaneta (Poland)
    CAS2008-1589: Saturn
    António (Portugal)
    CAS2008-1658: Mundo
    Tamara (Germany)