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The Sea and Space Online Classroom

The Online Classroom uses the Web Server to deliver lessons, exercises and tests:

This simplifies the process of delivering exercises and tests, by automating the collection of results.

Using the Online Classroom

There may be many different schools using the Online Classroom on our server at any time. We need to identify what school each user is from - so that work submitted goes to the right teacher! We do that by assigning a unique User ID to the school or class when you register to use Sea and Space. Pupils can then enter the school's User ID in this Form, after which they - or anyone using the same account on the same computer - are known to the Server.

For the pupils, that's all you need to do! When you are known to the Server, you can just go ahead and submit the exercises as directed by your teacher. For the teacher, you will also need to be able to review and mark your pupils' work. For this, we provide a set of password-protected pages. A username and password to these will be created for you when you register, and mailed to you. Your username also identifies you to the Server, so you will see your pupils' work, not someone else's.

Note that individuals are not given individual User IDs, because we think this would cause too much trouble with shared PCs and leaving themselves logged on. Pupils enter their names each time they submit an exercise.

Exercises in the Online Classroom

Currently the Remote Sensing Exercises use the Online Classroom software.

  1. Oil Slick threatens the coast
  2. City by the Sea
  3. Polluter caught red-handed
  4. Watch the Tides

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