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Satellites for remote sensing of the Earth have been in orbit for nearly 25 years and are now an important tool for the geosciences and innumerable practical applications. Just like new and improved astronomical instruments enabled man, at the turn of the 16th to the 17th century, to acquire a new vision of the Universe, the view of the Earth from space has profoundly influenced today's perception of our Home Planet. Earth observation is now being used routinely for solving important practical problems. It is one of the main objectives of the Sea and Space programme to contribute to the enrichment of school curricula by putting observations of the Earth from Space at the reach of teachers and pupils and to demonstrate their great utility.

Sea and Space currently offers a selection of material from one of the most advanced Remote Sensing instruments anywhere in the World: the imaging radar abroad the ESA's ERS satellites. We have a Radar Mini-Tutorial, together with a selection of Exercises using ERS imagery.

The Remote Sensing Exercises are now in the Online Classroom, which means you can complete them online, and the server will compile a report for your teacher. They also use a JAVA Applet, to help you see much more detail in the images, as well as make it more fun!


The Radar Mini-Tutorial


  1. Help! An oil slick threatens the coast!
  2. Discover a town by the sea.
  3. Caught red-handed! A ship illegally dumping at sea
  4. Watch the Tides
About the Applet used in the Exercises

Online Classroom Notes

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  2. Schools who registered before the classroom came online will need to re-register. We'll try and do that for you (you will be emailed when it's done), but if we miss you out, or if you want to use the classroom straight away, please feel free to re-register.

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