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Astronomical Navigation

Navigation by means of astronomical observations is as old as astronomy itself.

Here you will learn about some of the basics needed to determine your position on the surface of the Earth (geographical latitude and longitude) from astronomical observations.

Just follow the guidelines which are described in the various sections below, all the way through. They start with some simple concepts and then move on to real measurements of the Sun which will let you find the North-South direction at your place quite accurately.

Did you find your geographical coordinates? If you like, please send them with a few words to the authors (email addresses below). We will then make a combined list of all entries and publish it here at a later date so that you may see the names of those who participated.

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This part of Sea & Space was prepared by Bent Hirsberg and Mogens Winther. (This is where you click to send your message!)

A Note about Copyright: All material shown here may be applied freely within the Sea & Space programme. However, some of this material is taken from the Danish high school book "Sol Semper Lucet" - about sun, shadow and time, by Bent Hirsberg and Mogens Winther. The authors thus reserve all rights in general, concerning application beyond this.

Credits: Thanks to Ole Drostrup and Frank Soerensen for most useful comments and suggestions.