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Navigation with GPS

Nowadays, it has become very easy to measure your location quite accurately by electronic means. This is due to the availability of the Global Positioning System (GPS) which allows you to know where you are within a fews tens of meters, anywhere and anytime!

You just need a small device, a GPS receiver. It is no larger than a mobile phone and costs no more.

In this section of Sea and Space, you will learn more about this new navigational method and how to use it. Just follow the guidelines indicated in the following sections. Note, however, that it is not possible to mention more than the most basic features of the GPS here. Anybody who wants to learn more should consult the web links to GPS sites or some of the books now available in most languages (see below).

We hope you enjoyed to read about the many possibilities with GPS. Maybe you are even considering to acquire a GPS receiver for your next school excursion into the wilderness?

Have a nice time !

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