A busy night at the VLT
Zooming in on the bright star cluster NGC 3293 (fulldome)
Primer plano del evento de la tronadura de la montaña del E-ELT
CRIRES Mounted on UT1
ALMA Distant View
Distant Shot of ALMA
Desert Dishes
High on the Plateau
Antennas in Motion
Closing in on the ALMA Array
Mountainside Around La Silla
Jewel on the Mountaintop
ALMA Transporter in Action
NTT comes into action
NTT Ready For The Night Ahead
La Silla Mountain View
View of Paranal
Sunset View of the VLT Platform
Paranal Gears Up for the Night Ahead
Dusk over Paranal
Unit Telescope 1 (UT1) in Action
Setting Up a Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
Setting up a "MoCo"
Autonomous Camera Rig
Rigging up a Bot
UHD Expedition Team and Time-lapse Bot
Setting Up UHD Equipment at the VLT
Inside of the ESO 3.6-metre telescope
Interior of ESO 3.6-metre telescope
Rigging Up The Bots
Moonrise at Paranal
El Valle de la Luna UHD Time-lapse
Dusk at La Silla
Meteors over Paranal
Time-lapse of Unique Cloudscape over La Silla
Synchronous Dance of ALMA Antennas
Sunset over ALMA
Night Sky Revealed Over Paranal
Dusk at Paranal
Distant Time-lapse of Paranal
Dusk over ALMA
ALMA Antenna Dance
Night Sky Beauty Over Paranal
ALMA Japanese Antennas at Night
Eta Carinae over ALMA
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