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23 Липень 2014

In this striking new image from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile young stars huddle together against a backdrop of clouds of glowing gas and lanes of dust. The star cluster, known as NGC 3293, would have been just a cloud of gas and dust itself about ten million years ago, but as stars began to form it became the bright group of stars we see here. Clusters like this are celestial laboratories that allow astronomers to learn more about how stars evolve.

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23 липня 2014 р.

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Solar Farm to be Installed at La Silla

21 липня 2014 р.: As part of its green initiatives, ESO has signed an agreement with the Chilean company, Astronomy and Energy (a subsidiary of the Spanish LKS Group), to install a solar farm ...

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Join ESO on Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and More

14 липня 2014 р.: ESO has recently expanded its presence on social media to connect better with its communities. You can now add ESO to your Google+ circle of friends if you want to ...

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