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4 July 2013

Astronomers using ESO’s Very Large Telescope have spotted a distant galaxy hungrily snacking on nearby gas. Gas is seen to fall inwards towards the galaxy, creating a flow that both fuels star formation and drives the galaxy’s rotation. This is the best direct observational evidence so far supporting the theory that galaxies pull in and devour nearby material in order to grow and form stars. The results will appear in the 5 July 2013 issue of the journal Science.

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4 July 2013

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4 July 2013: The Royal Astronomical Society (UK) has awarded the 2013 RAS "A" Group award to the SAURON team, including Tim de Zeeuw, Harald Kuntschner and Eric Emsellem from ESO, as well ...

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Win Tickets for the Hidden Universe IMAX® Movie in Copenhagen and Cleveland

4 July 2013: ESO, in collaboration with MacGillivray Freeman Films, the Tycho Brahe Planetarium in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, is organising a competition that gives Twitter ...

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