ESOcast 58: ALMA Discovers Comet Factory

The detection of this “dust trap” solves a long-standing mystery: how dust particles around stars sum up to form planets, comets, and other rocky bodies. ESOcast 58 goes deep into the dust trap to explore how this comet factory works.

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Visual design and editing: Martin Kornmesser and Luis Calçada. 
Editing: Herbert Zodet. 
Web and technical support: Mathias André and Raquel Yumi Shida. 
Written by: Javier Perez Barbuzano, Richard Hook and Herbert Zodet.
Narration: Dr. J.
Music: movetwo.
Footage and photos: ESO, Nienke van der Marel, Christoph Malin (, Nick Risinger (, Digitized Sky Survey 2, Stéphane Guisard (, Luis Calçada, José Francisco Salgado ( and NASA/JPL-Caltech/Robert Hurt (SSC/Caltech).
Directed by: Herbert Zodet. 
Executive producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen.


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About the Video

Release date:6 June 2013, 20:00
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Duration:06m 06s

About the Object

Name:Oph-IRS 48, Ophiuchus
Type:• Milky Way : Star : Evolutionary Stage : Young Stellar Object
• Milky Way : Star : Circumstellar Material : Disk
• X - Stars
• X - ESOcast
• X - HD Videos



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