The future ALMA array on Chajnantor (artist’s rendering) - 2
Zooming in on the globular star cluster Messier 107
Visible/infrared cross-fades of Messier 83
Panning across Messier 83 in the infrared
ALMA antennas at Chajnantor
ALMA antennas at Chajnantor
Panning across the VISTA infrared view of the Cat’s Paw Nebula
The GOODS-South field
An ALMA Antenna on the Move
Antenna Assembly
Antenna Assembly
An ALMA Antenna on the Move
A Giant Antenna from Below
Video News Release (B-roll): Statement in French (eso0915i)
IR/visible crossfade of the Sculptor Galaxy (NGC 253)
ALMA antennas at Chajnantor
Artist’s impression of Corot-9b
Otto on the Move
An ALMA Antenna Moves in the Night
An ALMA Antenna on the Move
Performing Tests for ALMA
Two Moving Antennas
The European ELT - Animation 2
The European ELT - Animation 1
Video News Release (B-roll): Artist's impression of the Gliese 581 system (eso0915)
Video News Release (B-roll): Statement in English (eso0915h)
Zooming in on the Hercules galaxy cluster
Zooming in on the spiral galaxy NGC 6744
Infrared/visible crossfade of the Cat’s Paw Nebula
Artist’s impression of Corot-9b (transit)
Zoom in onto NGC 1788
Working at the ALMA OSF
Working at the ALMA OSF
Four ALMA Antennas at the OSF
ALMA at Chajnantor
ALMA at Chajnantor
Two antennas for ALMA
The European ELT - Animation 6
The European ELT - Animation 3
The European ELT - Animation 4
The European ELT - Animation 5
The Moon's phases in 4k
Video News Release 43: E-ELT Groundbreaking event (B-roll)
Preparations for the blasting
A Fish-eye Time-Lapse on La Silla (2)
Zooming in on the distant active galaxy PKS 1830-211
Artist’s impression of ALMA observations of a gravitationally-lensed supermassive black hole
Artist’s impression of the pulsar PSR J0348+0432 and its white dwarf companion
Visit of José Manuel Barroso to the VLT
Setting the Dark on Fire (pan)