Panning across VISTA’s view of the Flame Nebula
Zooming in on VISTA’s view of the Flame Nebula
Infrared-visual crossfade, Flame Nebula
Infrared-visual Crossfade, Flame Nebula (Annotated)
Video News Release 20: The Rise of a Giant (eso0646)
Flying through the young star cluster Westerlund 1 (artist's impression)
Flying through the star cluster Messier 67 (annotated)
Early galaxies
Zooming in on the Meathook Galaxy
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 09
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 13
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 11
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 12
The Sky in our Hands — an educational activity
ALMA Animation - 3
ALMA Animation - 2
ALMA Animation - 1
ALMA Animation - 5
ALMA European Antenna - 1
ALMA Animation - 4
Video News Release 19: Far away Galaxy under the Microscope (eso0631a)
Artist’s impression of the quasar 3C 279 (alternative version)
Time-lapse Sequences of the VST Enclosure at Night
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 01
ALMA Headquarters 2011 - 10
ALMA European Antenna - 5
ALMA European Antenna - 3
ALMA European Antenna - 4
ALMA European Antenna - 6
ALMA European Antenna - 2
ALMA European Antenna - 8
ALMA European Antenna - 7
ALMA North American Antenna - 1
Video News Release 18: Trio of Neptunes and their Belt (eso0618a)
Panning over a VLT image of the cometary globule CG4
ALMA's synchronised dance in Ultra HD
The enclosure of the Next-Generation Transit Survey (NGTS) at Paranal
ALMA antenna moves
Zooming in to the Centre of the Milky Way (Fulldome)
Sunset over the E-ELT (fulldome artist's impression)
Flattening the Cerro Armazones
Trailer for the IMAX® 3D movie Hidden Universe
Artist’s impression of the disc and gas streams around HD 142527
The Carina Nebula imaged by the VLT Survey Telescope (8k fulldome)
ESO 50 greetings
Visualisation of ALMA as an interferometer
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