Visible/infrared cross-fade of the newly discovered globular star cluster VVV CL001
Zooming in on the Orion Nebula
Panning across the southern spiral NGC 300
The motion of Beta Pictoris b
Nobeyama (AW80T webcast)
James Clerk Maxwell (AW80T webcast)
Anglo-Australian Telescope (AW80T webcast)
GEO 600 (AW80T webcast)
MOA (AW80T webcast)
W. M. Keck Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Caltech Submillimeter Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Submillimeter Array (AW80T webcast)
Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (AW80T webcast)
A Full Orbit of the Star S2 (without annotations)
Video News Release 15: Second Auxiliary Telescope for the VLT (eso0508b)
VLT time-lapse
Shadows creep over the Atacama
Artist’s impression
Video News Release 14: First Auxiliary Telescope for the VLT Interferometer Installed at Paranal
VLT and VST time-lapse
Ocean of clouds time-lapse
VLT Adaptive Optics time-lapse
ALMA time-lapse pan
Time-lapse pan across ALMA OSF
Time-lapse outside ALMA OSF
Ultra HD time-lapse of ALMA
End of the night at La Silla
Zooming in on the strange galaxy Centaurus A
The area around Paranal and Armazones
ALMA antennas on Chajnantor move in unison
Zooming in on a superbubble in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Panning across the field of NGC 4666
Constructions at the ALMA Site
ALMA Surroundings - 1
ALMA Operations Support Facility - 2
ALMA Operations Support Facility - 1
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