Panning across the R Coronae Australis region
Video News Release 12: First Light for the VLT Interferometer (eso0111a)
LOFAR (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Surroundings - 2
The ALMA Transporter - 1
ALMA Observatory (AW80T webcast)
XMM-Newton & INTEGRAL (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Surroundings - 7
ALMA Surroundings - 3
ASTRON Westerbork (AW80T webcast)
The ALMA Surroundings - 2
ALMA Surroundings - 4
ALMA Surroundings - 5
APEX (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Surroundings - 6
Themis (AW80T webcast)
VLBI (AW80T webcast)
A quartet of telescopes
Panning across the reflection nebula Messier 78
Plunging into a cosmic watercolour
Video News Release 11: Videosequences of Astronomical Images
Swift (AW80T webcast)
Plateau de Bure (AW80T webcast)
VIRGO (AW80T webcast)
Himalayan Chandra Telescope (AW80T)
Jodrell Bank Observatory (AW80T webcast)
Hubble Space Telescope (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Construction Work
Very Large Array (AW80T webcast)
Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope (AW80T)
The Centre of our Galaxy
Messier 7 (for fulldome planetarium use)
Infrared/visible-light comparison view of the Carina Nebula
Zooming in on the newly discovered globular star cluster VVV CL001
Array of ALMA antennas on Chajnantor
Animation of artist’s impression of the super-Earth planet HD 85512 b
European ALMA Antenna Brings Total on Chajnantor to 16 (Time-lapse)
VLT X-Shooter 2010 G
VLT X-Shooter 2010 F
VLT X-Shooter 2010 E
VLT X-Shooter 2010 D
VLT X-Shooter 2010 C
VLT X-Shooter 2010 B
VLT X-Shooter 2010 A
VLTI Prima 2010 F
VLTI Prima 2010 E
VLTI Prima 2010 D
VLTI Prima 2010 C
VLTI Prima 2010 B
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