The assembling of an ALMA antenna at the Operations Site Facility (OSF) 1
Zooming in on NGC 4666
Milky Way Above Cerro Armazones
VLT Platform (Part 2)
VLT VISTA (Part 8)
VLT Platform (Part 3)
Video News Release 3: Into the Invisible with ISAAC
VLT VISTA (Part 9)
VLT VISTA (Part 12) Time-lapse
VLT Platform (Part 5)
VLT VISTA (Part 7)
VLT Platform (Part 1)
VLT Residencia (part 1)
VLT VISTA (Part 13)
VLT VISTA (Part 6)
VLT Platform (Part 4) Time-lapse
VLT Platform (Part 6) Time-lapse
VLT VISTA (Part 14)
VLT VISTA (Part 11) Time-lapse
VLT VISTA (Part 10)
Zooming in on a gravitationally lensed galaxy merger in the distant Universe
A Fish-eye Time-Lapse on La Silla (2)
Landscape around Paranal (Part 5) Time-lapse
VLT Residencia (Part 7)
VLT Residencia (Part 3)
Landscape around Paranal (Part 2)
VLT Time-lapse Movie (Part 1)
Landscape around Paranal (Part 4)
VLT Residencia (Part 5)
Video News Release 2: The high-dispersion UVES spectrograph
VLT Residencia (Part 8)
ISAAC (Part 1)
VLT Residencia (Part 6)
VLT Time-lapse Movie (Part 2)
Landscape around Paranal (Part 1)
VLT Residencia (Part 2)
Landscape around Paranal (Part 3)
VLT Time-lapse Movie (Part 3)
VLT Residencia (Part 4)
Animation of the principle of the occultation
ALMA Glueing Time-lapse
Night Over Cerro Armazones
VLT Auxiliary Telescope (Part 2)
NACO (Part 1)
SINFONI Spectrograph (Part 1)
VLT Auxiliary Telescope (Part 5)
VLT Auxiliary Telescope (Part 6)
UVES Spectrograph (Part 2)
VLT Auxiliary Telescope (Part 3)
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