NTT Fulldome Timelapse
The setting Moon at Paranal
ESO 50 Years Anniversary at Hamburg Planetarium
Zooming in on the brown dwarf binary CFBDSIR 1458+10
The ALMA Operations Support Facility
Constructions at the ALMA Site
Constructions at the ALMA Site
Inside the AOS Technical Building
Inside the AOS Technical Building
A Fish-eye View on the VLT
La Silla General View (Part 3)
Molonglo Observatory (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 3)
La Silla 3.6m Telescope 3
Large Binocular Telescope (AW80T webcast)
La Silla 3.6m Telescope 5
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 5)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 6)
Apache Point Observatory (AW80T webcast)
McDonald Observatory (AW80T webcast)
La Silla General View (Part 7)
La Silla 3.6m Telescope 1
La Silla General View (Part 6)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 2)
Gemini South (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 7)
La Silla (AW80T webcast)
ALMA Antenna Backup Structure (Part 1)
La Silla General View (Part 4)
Cerro Tololo (AW80T webcast)
La Silla General View (Part 5)
Rothney Astrophysical Obs. (AW80T webcast)
Video News Release 7: Impressions from the ESO Solar Eclipse Expedition in 1994
La Silla General View (Part 2)
La Silla General View (Part 1)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 4)
ALMA Base Delivery (Part 8)
Fulldome of the Jewel Box cluster
Macro and microlensing
The Helix Nebula (for fulldome planetarium use)
VISTA (for fulldome planetarium use)
Artist’s animation showing the dwarf planet Eris and its moon Dysnomia
Telephoto view of ALMA antennas on Chajnantor
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