Paranal Aerial View1995a
La Silla History 1992 (part 2)
Paranal Aerial View 1997e
Paranal Aerial View 1997f
Paranal Aerial View1998f
Paranal Aerial View1998e
Tests of FORS - the First Major VLT Instrument
Zooming in on the star forming cloud RCW 34
MUSE view of the Hubble Deep Field South
Artist's impression of mysterious alignment of quasar rotation axes
Close-up view of the globular star cluster Messier 54
The SPHERE instrument during installation on the VLT
Zooming in into the Toby Jug Nebula
The final ALMA antenna is handed over to the observatory
TAROT discovers a bright supernova in NGC 1365 (annotated)
Zooming in on the Oph-IRS 48 system
A close-up look at the stellar nursery IC 2944 and Thackeray's Globules
Zooming in on the star formation region  NGC 6559
Zooming in on a VISTA infrared image of NGC 6357
A close look at the globular star cluster 47 Tucanae
The occultation of dwarf planet Makemake on 23 April 2011
Distant star-forming galaxies in the early Universe (pan)
Path of the shadow of the dwarf planet Eris during the occultation of November 2010
The occultation of the dwarf planet Eris in November 2010
ESO Movie 11: The ESO Very Large Telescope - Astronomy for the Future
The New Technology Telescope (NTT) (part 5)
The Horsehead Nebula
Life at La Silla (part 4)
VLT Site Decision (part 3)
VLT Site Decision (part 4)
La Silla History 1992 (11)
La Silla History 1992 (part 13)
La Silla History 1992 (part 15)
OCam images
Close-up pan across the star forming cloud RCW 34
Artist’s impression of Mars four billion years ago
A distant ALMA antenna
Simulation of the X-shaped bulge of the Milky Way
A Day in the Life of ESO (long)
A Day in the Life of ESO (short)
Zooming in on a stellar nursery in Monoceros
ESO Movie 10: EWSC – European Week for Scientific Culture
FORS (part 9)
ISAAC and VLT (part 2)
FORS (part 4)
FORS (part 6)
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