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The EIS-DEEP Survey (EDS) is an optical/infrared, deep survey conducted using the SUSI2 and SOFI cameras @ the NTT. Two fields have been observed: the Hubble Deep Field South, as a part of the HDF-South project at ESO, and the central region of the Chandra Deep Field South observed by the Chandra (formerly AXAF) X-ray satellite in 1999 (Giacconi et al. 2001) The optical observations cover a total area of about 75 square arcmin while an area of about 125 square arcmin is covered in the infrared. Observations were carried out during periods ESO.61-63 and ESO.65 . The survey has been completed in July 2000.

WARNING: Users have reported that the Infrared data for the Chandra Deep Field South and the Hubble Deep Field South show a systematic offset at faint magnitudes. Preliminary tests have suggested that the source of the problem may have been identified. An updated release for both the Chandra Deep Field South and the Hubble Deep Field South data addressing the reported problems will be advertised in the EIS Top News as soon as it becomes available.

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