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The Deep Public Survey (DPS) is a five passband (UBVRI) deep optical survey carried out with the WFI @ MPG/ESO2.2m telescope. The survey covers three regions of the sky (named Deep-1,Deep-2, Deep-3), each one being the mosaic of four adjacent fields of 0.5x0.5 degrees each, corresponding to a total area of 1 sq. degree per region. Deep-1 and Deep-2 overlap with Patch A of EIS-WIDE and the Chandra Deep Field South (Giacconi et al. 2001) observed in EIS-DEEP, respectively. In addition, infrared observations are being conducted with SOFI @ NTT to provide, for each field, a shallow coverage of 500 arcmin in Ks and a deep coverage of 400 sq. arcmin in both J and Ks. Observations of the Deep Public Surveys are in progress.
Infrared and optical data covering the Chandra Deep Field South have been recently released, see Vandame et al. (2001) and Arnouts et al. (2001).

WARNING: Users have reported that the Infrared data for the Chandra Deep Field South (DEEP2-C) show a systematic offset at faint magnitudes. Preliminary tests have suggested that the source of the problem may have been identified. An updated release for the Chandra Deep Field South data addressing the reported problems will be advertised in the EIS Top News as soon as it becomes available.

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