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The EIS mosaic consists of frames with significant overlaps (a quarter of an EMMI frame). The easiest way of visualizing the geometry of the EIS mosaic is to picture two independent sets of tiles (referred to as A(i,j), where i - the EIS row number - refers to the row along right ascension and j - the EIS column number - to columns in declination) forming a contiguous grid (normally referred to as odd and even depending on the value of j) superposed and shifted in right ascension and declination by half the length of an EMMI frame. The 6 square degrees patches designed for the EIS survey can then be covered by a mosaic of 600 EMMI frames (15 EIS rows x 40 EIS columns).

Observed tiles in the different patches of the EIS project

  • Observed tiles in patch A

  • Observed tiles in patch B

  • Observed tiles in patch C

  • Observed tiles in patch D