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Chandra Deep Field South

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* 09 May 2001: Updated Release of the JKs observations of the Chandra Deep Field South .
       NOTE: The present release supersedes the original one of Sep 10 1999.
* 10 Sep 1999: Original Release of the JKs observations of the Chandra Deep Field South.
* 10 Sep 1999: Original Release of the Optical observations of the Chandra Deep Field South.
        NOTE: These data are now being reprocessed and will be rereleased soon.

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* Chandra Deep Field South data release from the Deep Public Survey


This page provides links to single passband images, together with their corresponding weight maps, and to the object lists extracted from them. The images have been fully recalibrated (astrometry/photometry). The image World Coordinate System (WCS) is referred to the COE projection. An IRAF tool for converting the WCS from COE projection to TAN projection is available as the reswcs task in the IRAF package EIS. The task is also included in the Scisoft IRAF installation and is available as a standalone version (FORTRAN).
It is important to note that this task does not re-map the pixels and may introduce small astrometric errors at the edges of large images.

Details on the observations, data reduction and the final products can be found in the reference publication, now in preparation (Benoist et al. 2001).

*For both the EIS-Deep and Deep Public Survey the Chandra Deep Field South data release, both imaging data and catalogues are available worldwide.

*For any publication based on data from the ESO Imaging Surveys, please read the copyright notice.

*For any publication based on the present data, please refer to: Benoist et al. (2001)-in preparation, which supersedes Rengelink et al. (2001)-astro-ph/9812190

Data Products

* To request data you have to register as an ESO/ST-ECF Archive user.

To submit the data products request (images or catalogs) please mark the package in the table by checking the checkbox at the left, then press the button labeled Request Marked Packages.
Cliking on the Image/Catalog Package Identifier will return a full list and a description of the package contents.

*Release Date: 09 May 2001

WARNING: The released weight maps for the SOFI observations (packages #: EIS_DEEP_001_ima, EIS_DEEP_002_ima) have been found to be corrupted (03/07/01). We are taking the necessary action to solve the problem. The corrected image packages will be realesed soon. We apologize the users for this inconvenience.

WARNING: After the data release, A. Cimatti, E. Giallongo, E. Daddi, P.Saracco, C. Lidman and P.Rosati have reported to the EIS Team that a systematic offset was present at faint magnitudes between the released Infrared data and their independent photometry in the Chandra Deep Field South. Their warning has prompted a though check of the procedure and a typo was indeed found in the reduction program. This has now been corrected, the reductions and the generation of all other survey products are under way and a new release will follow soon. Stay Tuned.

TargetFilterImage PackagesObject Lists PackagesStatusReference Publication
CDFS (1-4)J   EIS_DEEP_001_ima   EIS_DEEP_001_lisPrompt Data releaseBenoist et al. (2001)-in preparation
Ks   EIS_DEEP_002_ima   EIS_DEEP_002_lisPrompt Data releaseBenoist et al. (2001)-in preparation

Complete Data Release Official Data/Product Release Prompt
Data Release Prompt Data/Product Release Not Yet
Available Data/Product not yet available

*Please report any issue concerning the present data release using our feedback form.

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Last update: Oct 11, 2001
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