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Pipeline Recipes

This section describes the eclipse recipes that are used in the ISAAC pipeline in the long wavelength mode. The recipes have a variety of purposes, from recipes that take quality control data to recipes that produce reduced data. Not all recipes will be of direct interest to people wishing to reduce ISAAC data. Franes taken without chopping are not yet reduced by the pipeline.

Recipes to produce calibrations and to do quality control
issacp lw_spflat Creates spectroscopic flat fields
isaacp lw_arc Models the slit curvature
isaacp slitpos Measures slit positions
isaacp lw_startrace Models the trace of a star as a function of y
isaacp lw_respfunc Measures the spectroscopic throughput
Recipes to reduce the data
isaacp lw_spjitter Reduces ISAAC spectroscopic data


Christopher Lidman