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Library and Information Services in Astronomy IV
July 2-5, 2002, Prague, Czech Republic
B. Corbin, E. Bryson, and M. Wolf (eds.)

Conference Sponsors

LISA IV Sponsors

Astronomical Institute, Charles University Prague
Astronomical Institute, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Czech Tourist Authority
I NTES-bookseller, Prague
Rekant-reprographic and office techniques, Prague
Sun Microsystems Czech s.r.o., BRONZE SPONSOR


Friends of LISA IV (FOL IV)

The Friends of LISA IV Committee gratefully acknowledges those who donated
funds to provide financial assistance for 29 participants from developing countries.
The presence of these colleagues greatly enriches the meeting for all attendees.


FOL IV Sponsors

American Astronomical Society
American Overseas Book Company
American Physical Society
Associated Universities, Inc.
Dietmar Dreier Wissenschaftliche
European Southern Observatory
Insitute of Physics Publishing
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Special Libraries Association Endowment Fund
University of Toronto

FOL IV Donations in Memory of Joyce Watson

Ellen Bouton
Liz Bryson
Brenda Corbin
Karen Croneis
Uta Grothkopf
Monique Gomez

John Grula
Jane Holmquist
Irene Laursen
Dorothy McGarry
Pat Molholt
Jeanette Regan
Pam Yorks


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