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Library and Information Services in Astronomy IV
July 2-5, 2002, Prague, Czech Republic
B. Corbin, E. Bryson, and M. Wolf (eds.)

Dedication -- Joyce Rey Watson, 1922-2001

These Proceedings are dedicated to the memory of our colleague.

Joyce Rey Watson was a colleague, friend, and inspiration to the many astronomy librarians and astronomers who were fortunate enough to interact with her over her long professional career. She served as librarian of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Library from 1969 until her retirement in 1991 and was instrumental in the eventual merging of this facility with the Center for Astrophysics Library, thus creating one of the largest astronomy libraries in the world.

Joyce was on the "ground-floor"' of many bibliographic and professional advances of the final quarter of the twentieth century. She was an early member of the Physics-Astronomy-Mathematics Division of the Special Libraries Association, an attendee and presenter at the first LISA conference in 1988, a "force" for providing access to the SIMBAD database to US astronomers, and a partner with the developers of the Astrophysics Data System from its earliest days in the 1990s. One of Joyce's greatest contributions was her recognition of the importance of introducing new techniques and technologies to professional astronomers, and she was a familiar sight at meetings of the American Astronomical Society as she demonstrated the capabilities of SIMBAD and later of the ADS.

We, her colleagues, are grateful for having known her and feel that she is even now likely coercing the angels to update their celestial undertakings.


Joyce Rey Watson

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