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FORS 2 Upgrade - CCD System


CCD Specifications and Format

Type: MIT/LL CCID-20, backside illuminated, AR coated
CCD Names and serial numbers: "Thor", SN 14-5-3 (= Master)
"Belenos", SN 14-5-6 (= Slave)
Number of photosensitive pixels: [H] 2048, [V] 4096
plus 2 x 10 pixels of over- and prescan)
Number of ports: 2
Pixel size: 15 x 15 microns
Overall rating: Science grade

Geometrical layout in the instrument detector plane
Geometrical layout in the instrument detector plane, showing the   window lens, the dimension of the former   2k x 2k SiTE CCD, the mosaic of the two   2k x 4k MIT/LL CCDs   and part of the   slitlet layout. Also shown are the readout ports:   A   and   B   for the slave CCD,   C   and   D   for the master CCD.

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