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The Messenger 113
September 2003

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VIMOS in operation at the VLT

Sandro D'Odorico[1], Ana-Maria Aguayo[2] , Stephane Brillant[2], Tim Canavan[3], R. Castillo[2], Jean-Gabriel Cuby[2], Hans Dekker[1], Nicolas Haddad[2], Carlo Izzo[3], Reinhard Hanuschik[3], Markus Kissler-Patig[1], Jean-Louis Lizon[1], Massimiliano Marchesi[2], Gianni Marconi[2], Palle Moller[3], Ralf Palsa[3], Pascal Robert[2], Martino Romaniello[3], Paola Sartoretti[3]

[1] ESO, Instrumentation Division,
[2] ESO, Paranal Observatory,
[3] ESO, Data Management Division

The performance of VIMOS, the powerful large field imager, multiobject spectrograph at the VLT, is critically assessed after the first four months of operation and the curr ent activities for its upgrade are presented.

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