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The Messenger 114
December 2003

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The UVES Paranal Observatory Project

A Library of High-Resolution Spectra of Stars across the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

S. Bagnulo, E. Jehin, C. Ledoux, R. Cabanac, C. Melo, R. Gilmozzi (ESO) and the ESO Paranal Science Operations Team

We present the UVES Paranal Observatory Project, consisting of acquisition, reduction, and public release of high-resolution, large wavelength coverage, and high signal-to-noise ratio stellar spectra obtained with the UVES instrument of the ESO Very Large Telescope. Data for about 400 stars across the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram have been taken and reduced by members of the Paranal Science Operations Team and made publicly available through a WEB interface at www.eso.org/uvespop.

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