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The Messenger 117
September 2004

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Astronomy in Finland

Kalevi Mattila [1], Merja Tornikoski [2], Ilkka Tuominen [3], Esko Valtaoja [4]

[1] Observatory, University of Helsinki; [2] Metsähovi Radio Observatory;
[3] Astronomy Division, University of Oulu; [4] Tuorla Obseratory

Abstract: An overview is given of astronomical research in Finland. There are three institutes devoted to Astronomy in general, at the Universities of Helsinki, Oulu, and Turku, and a Radio Astronomy Observatory at the Helsinki University of Technology. In addition, Solar system research with space-borne instrumentation is being carried out by the Physics Departments at the Universities of Helsinki and Turku, and by the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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