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The Messenger 117
September 2004

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The Stellar Content of the Hamburg/ESO Survey

N. Christlieb [1], D. Reimers [1], L. Wisotzki [2]

[1] Hamburg Sternwarte, University of Hamburg, Germany; [2] Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, Germany

Abstract: We report on the exploitation of the stellar content of the Hamburg/ESO objective-prism survey (HES), which covers the total southern extragalactic sky down to B ≈ 17.5. Quantitative criteria have been developed for selecting interesting stars in the digital HES database, containing almost 5 million spectra. We give an overview of ongoing projects directed at finding extremely metal-poor stars, field-horizontal branch A-type stars, carbon stars, and white dwarfs. Highlights of these efforts are the discovery of more than 200 new extremely metal-poor ([Fe/H] < −3.0) stars, including the most metal-poor star known so far, HE0107-5240 ([Fe/H] = −5.3), and the discovery of many new magnetic DA and DB white dwarfs and other peculiar white dwarfs.

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