catcube - cube/image concatenation to one cube

     catcube [options] [-o output] <cube1> [cube2] ... [cube n]

     catcube creates an output cube that is sum on the z-axis  of
     all other cubes given on command line in order of appearance
     from left to right. e.g.
     catcube -o outcube cube.001 cube.002 image.001 cube.003
     will create an output cube 'outcube' with planes  consisting
     of  planes  cube.001  first,  then  planes of cube.002, then
     image.001, then cube.003.  All planes shall  have  the  same
     size  (width, height). The pixel depth of the output cube is
     the most restrictive, i.e. the one which needs  the  highest
     amount of bits.  catcube accepts jokers on command line :
     > catcube -o output.fits ADO*.fits

     The default output name is 'cat.fits'. The -o option may  be
     specified anywhere on the command line. Example: the follow-
     ing lines are strictly equivalent:

     catcube f0001 f0002 -o output.fits f003 f004

     catcube -o output.fits f0001 f0002 f003 f004

     catcube f0001 f0002 f003 f004 -o output.fits

     Input files shall all comply with FITS  format  Output  file
     pixel type is the highest input pixel type encountered.

     The original FITS header  of the first given  FITS  file  on
     command  line  is  conserved along, except for the following
     keywords:  NAXIS, NAXISn, BITPIX, BSCALE, BZERO,  which  are
     related to the newly created file.

     HISTORY keywords are appended to the FITS header to indicate
     the eclipse process modifications.