norm - normalize a cube/image

     norm [options] <incube> [outcube]

     norm is used to normalize a cube with  respect  to  a  unity
     pixel  scale,  a  unity mean pixel value, a unity flux, or a
     unity absolute flux.  norm can also scale all  fluxes  in  a
     cube  to a given value (see -f option) or to the flux of the
     first plane in the cube.

     norm supports several normalization schemes. See options.

     For a cube, the  normalization  is  applied  to  each  plane

     default output name for in.fits is in.norm.fits

     -m  scale
          normalizes pixel values so that the  minimum  value  is
          0.0  and the maximum is 1.0. All other pixel values are
          scaled accordingly.  No use is made of the  BSCALE  and
          BZERO  FITS  keywords  for  this!  This means that some
          pixel depth resolution is usually lost in  this  opera-

     -m  mean
          normalizes pixel values so that the mean pixel value is

     -m  flux
          normalizes the image to a unity flux, i.e.  divide  the
          image by the sum of all pixel values.

     -m  aflux
          normalizes the image to an absolute  unity  flux,  i.e.
          divide  the  image  by  the  sum  of all absolute pixel

     -m  scaleflux
          used with the -f option, this  mode  scales  all  plane
          fluxes  to  the  parameter  given  with  the -f option.
          Without this parameter, all  plane  fluxes  are  scaled
          according  to  the flux in the first plane of the input

     -f  reqFlux
          to  be  used  with  the  "scaleflux"  mode  only.  This
          parameter  specifies  to  which  flux  value all planes
          fluxes have to be rescaled.

     Input files shall all comply with FITS format.