speedtest - CPU test for image processing


     speedtest performs several classical image processing opera-
     tions,  and  reports  the  time  spent on CPU. The following
     tests are applied:

     uniformly distributed noise generation
     filtering by 3x3 kernel convolution
     filtering by 5x5 kernel convolution
     median filtering with 3x3 kernel
     statistics computation
     fast fourier transform
     resampling by a zoom factor of 2.0

     speedtest starts by generating  an  image  containing  noise
     only,  and  then  performs  all the above operations on this
     image, and outputs CPU times for each test.  CPU  times  are
     given  for  the  total  time  in seconds and the average per
     pixel time in microseconds. The total and per pixel time are
     given for all the tests.

     Notice that the given  time  values  are  only  estimations,
     since  they  are  based on wall clock time, not on CPU time.
     Your results will vary depending on the machine workload.