Diffs from version 2.0 to 3.0


ISAAC/SOFI support

This is the reason why eclipse version number jumped from 2.0 to 3.0. Each time a new mode or instrument is supported, the version number is increased. This time it has to be, with the support of ISAAC/SOFI data reduction. Most users on these instruments will make use of the jitter mode, which is an observation technique requiring very delicate data processing procedures. Specialized routines have been written to handle this data flow in the right way, producing publishable images from a set of raw data frames.

What are the changes brought to eclipse to allow processing of jitter modes? First, SOFI and ISAAC produce huge amounts of data every night, and handling a single frame set means juggling with about a gigabyte of FITS files. Virtual memory handling was almost unavoidable to allow fast processing without memory saturation. Another issue was the number of parameters to set up to run the command. The unusually high number of values to provide prevented the use of command-line options which would have been unusable. An initialisation file does the job of parameter setting, making use of the routines provided by the SFL library (see below).

All algorithms present in the jitter command have been carefully described in a separated document. Access it here: jitter algorithmic documentation.

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