eclipse latest new features

From version 4.1 to version 4.2

-----> eclipse-main

    FITS separation

    The eclipse main library has been through surgery to extract
    all FITS-related functionalities into a stand-alone library
    that can be used independently from eclipse. This new library
    is called 'qfits' and has already reached version 4.1
    (version number is independent from eclipse). eclipse users
    will not notice it, because qfits is always included in the
    eclipse-main tar file and compiled together with the rest of
    the library.

    For developpers, this means a change in the FITS API, for all
    functions are now prefixed with 'qfits_'. Pixel loading has
    been made more generic and may be a little slower than in the
    previous versions. Notice that some assembly has found its
    way into eclipse: on x86-based systems, swap routines are
    now hardcoded in assembly language.

    In the future, the qfits library should stabilize at some
    point and stay frozen unless there are major changes in the
    FITS format or new file types we want to support. These
    changes should be independent from eclipse.

    Build system

    The eclipse build system is the part that identifies your
    platform and selects the appropriate compilation flags for
    optimal performance. This system has been extended to support
    more platforms, more compile options, and should make our
    life easier for portability issues.

    eclipse now compiles and runs fine on Darwin systems
    (BSD-like), which opens the door to the new Mac OS X


    An aging version of the "eclipse developer's guide" has been
    phased out from the distribution. From a recent survey, it
    appears that nobody outside ESO is using eclipse's C API for
    development, so this document was mostly unused. If the need
    ever appears again for this document, one would have to be

    Buffer overflows

    A number of possible buffer overflows have been removed from
    the core library, which does not mean that there are none
    left. Buffer overflows cause core-dumps at best, security
    holes at worst. Again: it is a terrible idea to install
    eclipse with suid root or any kind of high privilege. While
    this library has received great care about bugs of all kinds,
    security issues have not been tackled as e.g. system daemons.

    Bug corrections

    Lots of bugs have been fixed in the core libraries. They
    all have been already released in 4.1.x releases as they have
    been corrected, though.

-----> eclipse-isaac

    General changes:

    - All QC products have been corrected to support the latest
      QC1 requirements from Paranal.


    - isaacp lw_spflat: switched default fit order from 4 to 3,
      which changes the fit polynomial order from 3 to 2.


    - A new recipe has been added and validated for filtering of
      the odd-even effect on ISAAC frames. Check out the
      'oddeven' recipe in isaacp.
    - The two dark recipes (dark-ron and dark-avg) have been
      merged into a single recipe. Some warnings have been added
      in the output PAF file to stress the fact that measurements
      are done following a Monte-Carlo methods, so results will
      slightly vary from one execution to another.

    Imaging jitter:

    - An additional QC parameter is now produced by the jitter
      recipe, called QC.IQ (for Image Quality). This parameter
      tries to estimate the image quality from all objects that
      look like stars in the final product.
      This parameter has been added to the ISAAC QC dictionary,
      and will now be exported to the QC1 log with other QC1
    - Additional tests have been introduced to allow 'jitter' to
      work with non-ISAAC frames.

-----> eclipse-conica

    Development of the CONICA pipeline is going on. In its
    current state, the pipeline is only meant to be used by
    people working with the pipeline team. No public
    documentation has been released yet.

-----> eclipse-python

    Build procedure

    The eclipse-python build procedure is now based on the
    distutils module which requires Python 2.0 or later,
    or if you are still running Python 1.5.2, you will need to
    download and install the distutils module (found on

    Unit tests

    The eclipse-python module now features unit tests, written
    using the unit testing environment provided by Python. This
    investment has already paid off by finding a number of very
    tricky bugs in the core libraries.

    The script previously written to test various eclipse-python
    capabilities will remain as an example of what can be done
    with this module.

-----> eclipse-adonis

	No change.

-----> eclipse-wfi

	No change.

-----> eclipse-lua

	No change.

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