eclipse latest new features

From version 4.3 to version 4.4

The doxygen documentation has been extended. 

-----> eclipse-main

	The extract_spec command is new and comes from isaacp.

	The way the jitter loads data has been completely re-written. This
	should stay invisible from the user.
-----> eclipse-isaac

	The recipe lw_detlin has been renamed in detlin, as it contains nothing

	sp_extract recipe has been made instrument independant, and has been
	moved to eclipse/main. It is not an isaacp recipe any more.
	Removed unused sp_combine recipe.

	Removed unused xcorr1d recipe. An instrument independant 1d cross 
	correlation command will appear soon in the eclipse/main.

-----> eclipse-conica

	All NACO recipes now expect some PSF-CALIBRATOR files in their input 
	data set. They all first discard these frames before launching the
	reduction procedure.
	These files are there to monitor the Strehl. The Strehl is computed on
	these files by the new qc-strehl recipe. qc-strehl expect an even
	number of PSF-CALIBRATOR files in input (other files are discarded) and
	apply the strehl computation on each pair.

	Unused recipes removed : correltest, pstest, refpixel.

	The strehl is displayed now eveywhere in percent.
-----> eclipse-python


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