eclipse latest new features

From version 4.6 to version 4.7

-----> eclipse-main

  * Support usage of any separator in offsets files (jitter)
  * The pixel sorting function has been improved. Better efficiency on
    some platforms.
  * A bug in the filt command when used with the median filter.
  * A bug in the distortion command when used with very bright arcs.

  -----> eclipse-isaac

  * dark recipe produces QC.DARKMED
  * A bug in spjitter when used on non-chopped data without any second
    column in the ASCII input file.
  * dark recipe: defaults now are different in SW and LW modes.
  * A big new standard star catalog (Isaac) provided by Paranal has
    been added.

    -----> eclipse-conica

  * dark recipe produces QC.DARKMED, QC.NBHOTPIX, QC.NBCOLPIX
  * check-focus recipe has been created
  * The slitpos recipe has been upgraded.
  * twflat recipe: the dark files are carefully checked before use.
  * twflat recipe: input classification also based on
  * qc-strehl recipe: first purge of non PSF-CALIBRATOR files
  * Added QC.FILTER.POL and QC.FILTER.NDENS in the following
    recipes: jitter qc-strehl, zpoint, lampflat.
  * dark recipe: added the deviant pixels map product.
  * Added the detlin recipe.
  * qc-strehl recipe: added QC STREHL POSX and POSY

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